By Jordan Ahlstrom

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is essential to a man's physical health, sex drive, and confidence. In addition to TRT, there are several natural ways to increase Testosterone (T) levels:
1. Exercise regularly. VRT and sprinting are powerful ways to increase T[1]
2. Get quality sleep. Lack of sleep has been linked to low T levels. Get 7-8 hours a night and limit alcohol/caffeine.
3. Eat healthy foods. Zinc-rich red meat and healthy fats help increase T levels. Supplement with Fortagen to build more muscle.
4. Manage stress. High levels of cortisol lead to low T levels. Reduce stress with meditation, breathwork, and outdoor activity.
5. Embrace ice. Ice baths and cold showers can increase T levels in males.
6. Eat butter. Butter is loaded with cholesterol, a precursor to steroid hormones.
7. Get some sun. Vitamin D is also a precursor to T. Aim for 20+ minutes a day.
[1] Hackney, A. C., & Koltun, K. J. (2012). The effects of high intensity short duration exercise on testosterone levels in men. Journal of S&C Research, 26(2), 398-403.