About Us

Virtuous Living, True Health.

In a world filled with uncertainty and misinformation, Virtrue stands to be a beacon of reliable information, support, products and coaching. Where health and success are not merely aspirations but attainable realities. Trust Virtrue, and let us be the compass on your voyage to a healthier, more fulfilled life.
Hi, I'm Jordan, the founder of VirTrue. 

My dedication to helping others achieve their health and wellness goals is deeply rooted in my personal experience. Having spent years in the world of bodybuilding, I achieved success, but I also encountered significant frustration. Despite engaging in countless conversations at the gym, reading numerous fitness magazines, and extensively searching for information on fitness and nutrition online, I found myself overwhelmed by the conflicting and often confusing advice. What one source deemed "healthy" could be contradicted by another, leaving me confused. Blueberries were a superfood one day, only to be dismissed the next. Optimal repetition ranges for workouts seemed to change with each expert's opinion. And even the most fundamental dietary choices, like consuming steak or dairy, were met with contradictory claims.

In the face of this frustration, my fascination with fitness continued to grow. I became deeply passionate about the world of bodybuilding and even established my own apparel company, Gym Titan.

Gym Titan even had the privilege of collaborating with renowned UFC fighters. Despite the financial success and interactions with accomplished athletes, I came to a realization. It became clear that the pursuit of mere profit through product sales was not my ultimate goal. My frustration stemmed from the realization that my understanding of health and nutrition remained elusive, and I felt a deep desire to assist individuals who might share similar sentiments.

Consequently, I made the decision to sell off Gym Titan, channeling my efforts in a new direction. The outcome of this is Virtrue, a company rooted in unwavering ethical principles and a commitment to achieving authentic, tangible health results.

At Virtrue, our mission transcends profit margins; it is centered on offering genuine guidance, fostering moral excellence, and delivering tangible outcomes. Our dedication to enhancing your understanding of health and nutrition, alongside our commitment to integrity, reflects our vision for a brighter, healthier future. We invite you to embark on this journey with us, where virtue and genuine results are not mere ideals but the very essence of who we are.

In pursuit of equipping myself with knowledge to better serve our valued clients, I devoted extensive years to find a non bias expertise (looking at you Liver King) in the realm of nutrition. I discerningly sifted through the thousands of voices, identifying Layne Norton as a mentor. His approach and that of his esteemed team are notably marked with a foundation of scientific evidence and practical experience. His insights derived from comprehensive data analysis  along with his PHD in Protein Synthesis, his bodybuilding achievements and client reviews are non refutable. This discerning approach has culminated in my achievement of two distinguished Biolayne certifications in the science of nutrition.
The next step, spending months to find a trusted supplement manufacturer that had the same values as I did. Now I can proudly say all our supplements are synthesized right here in the USA, using the latest scientific research to produce world class results.
Did I mention I have been playing video games since I could walk my little feet to turn on my sega genesis console? Throughout my life, gaming has remained my cherished hobby, yet I acknowledge its potential drawbacks in terms of health and wellness. It is precisely for this reason that Virtrue takes immense pride in advocating for partnerships within the gaming and streaming community. As a lifelong enthusiast of gaming, I recognize the profound importance of fostering education within this industry. Our objective is distinct from the countless energy and confectionery companies that tend to exploit the younger demographic. Virtrue stands apart by offering an array of invaluable services to the gaming community that set us apart from typical energy drink or esport organizations. These services include complimentary health advice and informative guides, as well as free marketing and support tailored to facilitate success. Our comprehensive support extends to logo design work, the creation of custom Twitch emotes, we even helped one partner fine tune his resume! We are steadfast in our commitment to providing assistance in any way we can.
We also offer ALL partners the ability to launch their OWN brand of coffee and energy drinks. We want even the little guys to feel like the biggest streamers in the world do everyday. With their face on an exclusive product line. Gaming should be about fun, for everyone! Not just who can turn the most sales.  
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