About Us

We Are Gamers & Fitness Coaches Dedicated to Gamer Health & Success. 

We just happen to sell amazing products to assist in that mission. We love gaming but admit that it can be an unhealthy lifestyle and being "healthy" can be difficult and confusing. We are here to help!
Hi I'm Jordan, the founder of VirTrue. I've been playing video games since I could walk my little feet to turn on my Sega Genesis console. Gaming remained my main hobby my entire life.
Fitness became my passion. I became obsessed with the lifestyle of bodybuilding and even started my own apparel company, Gym Titan.
Gym Titan even worked with UFC Fighters! But selling apparel was not fulfilling. While successfully making money and talking to famous athletes, I was not happy. I was veering further from my love of gaming and realized just selling products was not truly my goal. I wanted to help people, not just sell stuff and I decided to put my efforts to something else. Thus, Virtrue was created. 
Now gamer health and success is my goal! We provide help and services to the gaming community that no other energy drink / esport org offers.  
My other company and I featured in the news!