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This is a general guide for the general population in decent overall metabolic health. Please read our medical disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Also please note due to the amount of different topics we are going to cover, these explanations will be more brief summaries to keep things simple rather than in depth analysis of studies.

Best Exercise for Fat Loss?

Fat loss is the release of stored energy. Walking, especially when fasted burns fat the most effectively over anything. Focus on eating cleaner, up your protein, lower your calories. Build muscle with resistance training and walk while fasted and also walk 10-15 minutes after every meal. 



How much protein in a day? Depends on your goals but generally aim for 1g per pound of lean body mass. Example, 170lb guy should be shooting for around 160 grams of protein.

How much protein can we absorb per meal? Depends on the source, plant vs meat. Essentially there is no cap, your body does not realize it absorbed 30 grams of protein then just push out the rest. If you eat 70grams of protein from a steak, you will absorb most of that 70 grams. Think about it, some 200lb bodybuilders fast all day and eat one meal a day consisting of only steak. If they were only absorbing 30 grams, they would very quickly lose their muscle mass. 

Protein & Kidneys - No amount of protein harms healthy kidneys. In some cases of people with kidney disease, they are put on slightly lower protein diet. People with healthy kidneys don't need to stress about eating too much protein.  


Creatine is a natural molecule that is one of the most well researched supplements ever. There are countless studies that show the benefits of creatine linked to cognition, muscle repair, endurance and much more. So yes, creatine is a great addition for anybody whether you are looking to get leaner, bulk up, or just overall be healthier. 
Can I just get creatine from my diet? Technically, yes. However the amount of red meat and fish that you would need to eat is tremendous so we suggest supplementing it. 

Whey Protein

Whey Protein Isolate - The lowest in lactose which makes it the cleanest and easiest to digest. Our preferred choice to take and sell.


Red Meat - Is it healthy? Yes! There are few studies that show red meat and negative health outcomes. Of those studies, they refer to processed meats (like hot dogs) and burnt meats to be the cause of colon & other cancers. The amount of data that proves a normally cook steak is bad for you, is virtually zero. While the amount of date that shows red meat to be one of the best digestible sources for protein, fats and loads of vitamins is very high. Now, that does not mean we suggest only eating meat. Also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as high fiber is linked to lower possibility of cancer while high meat diets are linked to a higher possibility of cancer, which is most likely due to people skipping out on fibrous foods. 

Artificial Sweeteners 

A recent 10 week study showed gut bacteria was not affected by artificial sweeteners and in fact one gut bacteria increased due to the sucralose which is linked to positive health outcomes.

There are no studies that show people gain weight due to drinking artificial sweeteners by it spiking insulin in some convoluted way. Artificial sweeteners are fine and great for keeping calories low if weight loss if your goal and want the taste of something sweet.


How much caffeine? Around 400mg of caffeine or less a day is fine. A standard cup of coffee is around 90mg of caffeine. (Woman who are pregnant or people with heart conditions should get a recommendation from their physician.)


We suggest not having any caffeine after noon. Studies have shown caffeine after noon to disrupt deep sleep even 8+ hours later. Keep your caffeine consumption in the mornings. 

Organic vs Non Organic

Studies show virtually no nutritional difference between the two. Organic also does not mean no pesticides were used. Organic poptarts are still processed crap. Save your money if needed as it is more marketing than anything. 


Try to eat whole foods when possible but you don’t need to avoid every scary word that you cannot pronounce. It doesn’t mean it is immediately bad for you. The dose makes the poison and most of the time those scary words are in very small dosages so a favorite snack or to go meal here and there is fine.


Should I be fasting for health or weight loss benefits? Sure, if you like it or it works for you. Fasting can be a great way to restrict calories for those looking to lose weight. However, fasting is not magic. It does not flip a switch in your body to make you superhuman. If you feel better eating breakfast, do so, you’re not missing out on fasting's magic benefits. 
For me personally, I fasted 16/8 for 1 year. I have a desk job 9-5 M-F so it was fine for me as my morning were not very active anyway. Cognitively I felt a little sharper while fasted but physically feel better now that I eat every 3-4 hours.

Detox / Cleanses

If you have functioning lungs, liver, kidneys and small intestines then your body does it for you. No need for magic juices, powders or kits.


The idea that teas have defense chemicals is stupid. Many meta analysis show cardiovascular benefits in drinking green & black tea.


Flouride supposedly calcifies in your pineal gland. Well if we are talking flouride in toothpaste then there is so little and most of thatvsmall amount is spit out anyway. Meaning that you’re ingesting virtually no foouride. If you have sensitive teeth, flouride toothpaste is fine. I personally use it.

Flouride in baby water. This is regulated by the FDA and is not something to worry about.

Blue Light

Many studies have proven blue light throws off our circadian rhythm (your natural hormone sleep cycle that tells your body it’s time to go to bed) which leads to trouble sleeping or even insomnia. Wearing blue light glasses at night when looking at screens helps this.

To our knowledge there are no true studies that show blue light damages your eyes but is proven to affect sleep.


Medical Disclaimer

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