Partnership Program

Ready for your new income stream? To put your face/logo on a supplement tub or coffee bag?!

Virtrue is looking to build partnerships with streamers, Esport Teams and fitness influencers. Our program is the most relaxed for casuals yet also built for the most motivated users looking to build their own brand and make serious money.    

Partnership Tiers

Tier 1 - Starter

  • Unique 10% off code for your followers
  • 10% Commission on every order that uses your code.
  • 1 Free Sample Pack Shipped. Shaker + Sample. Case by Case ONLY! (If you do not show clear, consistent content creation then no free sample will be sent.) 
  • Your own branded products are designed and created. Setup fees are waived
  • Affiliate Dashboard login to track orders and payouts.
  • Your own sponsor page is built with your photo & social links (optional, you must email your logo and social links)
  • Google SEO added to your sponsor page to drive organic traffic to your page and expand your brand
  • Free brand support & check-ins
  • Added to the Content Creator page

Tier 2 - 2 Sales Used Your Coupon*

  • Free help from our marketing & design experts including things as free basic logo design, stream graphics free twitch emotes etc. This helps build your brand.

Tier 3 - 12 Sales Used Your Coupon*

  • 1 Free Giveaway Product Sent. Increase your viewers with an exciting giveaway with one of our amazing products.
  • Custom Virtrue E-Sport Jersey with your name printed on it sent to you
  • 2nd Pick of new product releases. Generally 2 weeks before the public.
  • *Optional* FREE Personal Store Built - We build your own merchandise store that sells hats, shirts, stickers etc with your logo. We handle building the site, production, shipping and customer service at no charge to you. Google SEO are added to your merchandise.

Tier 4 - 25 Sales Used Your Coupon*

  • Paid Google Adwords added for your sponsor landing page & merchandise store to drive serious traffic and expand your brand.
  • *Optional* Free stream backdrop with our logo, your logo & name printed & shipped
  • Home page presence. You are added in rotation to our home page to get more viewers for your brand.(when it is active)
  • 1 Free Giveaway Product Sent for more increased viewers.
  • Free Logo Design & Art Department Requests
  • 1st notification & access to new product releases, around 3 weeks before the public.  

Tier 5 - 50 Sales Used Your Coupon*

  • Custom Contract & Payroll
  • Your own permanent flavor & tub named after you
  • *must be 18 or older for a custom contract & payroll*

To partner with us, click HERE

Here at Virtrue, we look to build and nurture our partnerships. Providing constant check ins on marketing, fitness, health and keep open communication to drive your success along with our own. 

  • It is completely free and no purchase is necessary to begin the partnership. 
  • Samples are reserved on a case by case basis. 
  • Paypal is our preferred method for payouts. Payout occurs per order.
  • Partnerships never expire and have no monthly minimum orders you must meet.
  • Being promoted from tier to tier is a case by case basis and not solely based upon orders received. 


1. Will my discount code increase over time as I move up a tier? 
At this time, we are going to keep everyone's discount % the same. We want all partners, new, casual and large streamers the chance to grow and make good money. The idea of a larger, established partner having a higher % off coupon that people would rather use than a newer affiliates coupon for an extra % off is what we are trying to avoid. 
2. Do affiliates have to purchase new product releases?
Absolutely not. We do not mandate any monthly minimum orders or orders in general. Gaming is about fun and we want this program to be for casual streamers and full time streamers as well. However it is always easier to sell something if your followers see you using the product. If you are serious about selling and making money, it is easiest to have the product on hand. 
3. Do you sponsor people in fitness / nutrition?
Absolutely! We do not only sponsor gamers. Health & fitness is our passion whereas gaming is our life. We want to combine the two for the better and would happily work with anyone in the health & fitness industry whether they are gamers or not.
4. Do affiliates get a higher discount than 10% off? 
Not at this time. However, using your coupon code for your order, you receive the same commission for the sale. So you would get 10% off retail plus your 30%, 40% or 50% commission back. It equals out to a steeper discount than most competitors 15% off for their partners. 
5. Does my affiliate account / coupon code expire?
Never. If you take a break from gaming / social media we completely understand and will be happy to work with you when you get back. Most competitors mandate your coupon is used atleast once a month or the affiliate purchase atleast one product a month or they de-activate your coupon and account. Gaming should be about fun and not turn into a stressful need to sell to my followers mentality. We don't agree with those rules at all.
6. Do you have to be 18 to be sponsored?
No. Our program is the most relaxed in the industry. We have no mandates that you are agreeing to, thus you do not need to be a legal adult and we do not need permission from a parent / guardian to work with you. Our program is the most relaxed in the industry because we want to work with everybody. No affiliates are agreeing or mandated to sell a certain amount or purchase anything. 

Some examples of the free help we offer.