By Jordan Ahlstrom

How Your Body Changes During Weight Gain

When gaining weight, naturally, you should expect some changes in your body. Just so you don't have any surprises, here are a few things you may experience while on a weight gain goal.

Increase in Water Retention

Did you know that increasing your carbs will also increase the amount of water your muscles hold through something called glycogen? The more muscle you have, the more glycogen you can store - and you guessed it - the more water you can hold. This weight gain is sometimes mistaken for body fat.

Expect Some Discomfort

As calories increase, the extra food may cause some discomfort because you have a limited amount of space in your digestive system. You may reach a point where you feel like you just can’t fit any more food in. At this point, you can adjust your food choices and opt for less filling options.

You may also experience extra gas and bloating when trying to gain weight. This is normal and happens because the bacteria in your gut have more food around to ferment. Again, you may need to shift your food choices to some more calorie-dense options to alleviate this.

Paying close attention to how your body responds to the types and amounts of food and fluids will be important in limiting your overall discomfort.