By Jordan Ahlstrom

How to Build Bigger Calves. Got Stubborn Calves? Do This Calf Workout At Home

Are resistance band calf raises the antidote for chicken legs? Many X3 Bar users have finally banished their chicken legs by performing X3 Calf Raises

The calf is involved every time we bend our knees or flex and point our feet. It helps us stabilize when standing and contributes to walking, running, and jumping. There are several reasons why we might want to strengthen our calves.
  • Looks - A voluminous calf muscle balances the overall look of a strong leg.
  • Speed - A stronger calf muscle helps your feet push from the ground when running.
  • Function Nearly everything we do involves standing or walking, activities that rely heavily on the function of the calves.
  • Safety - Strengthening the calf muscles not only improves balance but keeps the achilles tendon mobile and strong, resulting in fewer injuries.