VHS to Digital

Ship us or drop off all your tapes and our team of professionals will carefully digitize every tape, 1 at a time. When finished, we will call you for pickup or ship you all your original media back, along with perfect digital copies on a thumb drive. The cost of the thumb drive will be added to your bill. You may incude one however the total storage needed varies. From there, begin the trip down memory lane watching everything on the computer, tv or even upload them to YouTube!
We have a converter for c cassettes as well.
We charge $30 PER VHS Tape and $25 PER c cassette tape. We are HALF the cost of most digital services for the exact same service & quality! We can supply one for the cost of the drive or you can supply one if it is large enough to hold all the media.
Ship your tapes or drop them off to us at
Attn: VHS Service
24 Great Pond Rd
Simsbury CT 06070
8mm tapes do NOT work with our system at this time, we apologize. (Standard vhs & c cassettes work)