Lemonade Description

Get ready to unleash your full potential with Virtrue's electrifying Energy Formula! This powerhouse blend is not your average energy supplement—it's a performance-boosting elixir designed to elevate you physically and mentally to unprecedented heights.

Crafted for champions, Virtrue's energy formula is dynamic fusion of energy and focus, meticulously combined to help you exercise harder, game better or work longer . But that's not all – we've turbocharged this formula with premium vitamins and natural ingredients making it a game-changer in your life.

Lemonade is a tub of fresh picked, perfectly ripe lemons that will delight your taste buds. 

Our product is synthesized utilizing the latest scientific research and formulated with optimal ratios of branch chain amino acids to produce world class results.

Our formula is third party independently tested for heavy metals, impurities, made in the USA, GMP certified, and produced in an FDA registered facility. 1% of the supplements on the market can match our world class standards.