Fat Loss Forever FAQ's

Is there a contract?

No. The subscription is monthly and you may cancel anytime after the first month.

What is included?

24/7 Email, text, voice call, facetime and in person (if you are local) coaching. Always by your dedicated coach, never automated or by someone you don't know. If you have a preferred method of contact, that is what we will use. 

Do you subscribe specific diets?

We don't at the start, but we can if you would like. This means are are not carnivore zealots and try to push carnivore on every client. We are not vegans and don't try to make every client go vegan. If you wish to try to a certain diet, we can go that route. What we prefer to do is go over your current lifestyle and eating habits and tweak little by little instead of a complete and immediate overhaul. Each client and situation is different.

Do you have client meals delivered?

No, that is not included in the service. But we do work with a meal delivery service if that will help you. 

Do you pick client meals?

We prefer not to. We will calculate what macros you should be eating everyday. Such as your total calories, proteins, fats, carbs etc. We can recommend foods to hit these requirements. But we prefer not to pick what you will eat specifically. We prefer to say for meal 2 eat 30 grams of protein, such as salmon, chicken etc. But we will not say salmon REQUIRED for meal 2. There are no copy paste templates because everyone likes different foods. 

Do I have to weigh my food? 

No, but we need to track what you are eating. You don't need to weight every ounce of food if you do not wish to BUT there will still be effort required. Such as tracking your intake in an app. Even a free calorie tracking app so we can get a pretty accurate measure of what you are eating and tweak it from there. It does not need to be 100% accurate, but will require you to track in one way or another. We will teach you along the way and it will become second nature.

What are client checkins?

Daily or weekly data from you on your weight, food log, exercise output etc. We will keep in contact with you as much as you would like. And you can text / reach out as often as you would like. At the minimum, we will contact you every week to get an update on your weight. But, if you are willing, checkins everyday can help. The more data we have the better. We are here to motivate you, but will also follow your lead and if checkins every week is best for you, that is what we will do.