Coffee Sources


PTP Java Estate - Jampit Blawan Pancoer Hayumas

Our coffee from Indonesia is grown on large plantations in East Java. The coffee is grown by the traditional wet process and fermentation. Strictly following UTZ Certified, GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) management Sytems.

Costa Rica

Rubies - Tarrazu

Our coffee from Costa Rica is grown in San Marcos de Tarrazu.


Popayan - Cauca

Our coffee from Colombia is from the city of Popayan. Popayan is home to several indigenous communities that have been growing coffee for decades with its rich, volcanic soil and climate.


Cerrado Mineiro

Our coffee from Brazil is from Cerrado. which is a region in the west of Minas Gerais state. Coffee grown here flourishes in the hot, wet summers and cool, dry winters. The majority of the farms range from medium to larger plantations. The Brazilian Forest Code requires farmers to set aside 35% of their land for conservation. 


AA Plus

Our coffee from Kenya is produced in areas found around the second tallest mountain in Africa, Mt Kenya. The rich volcanic soils coupled with an annual rainfall of around 1,000 - 1,200mm makes the ideal climate to develop the top aroma and flavor notes. Each county has small farms who generally band together to form local grower associations. Our roaster has strong historical family ties to Kenya which gives us unique access to the very best coffee available from the country. 


Huehuetenango - Zaculeu

Zaculeu, named after the pre-Colombian Mayan archeological site in Huehuetenango, is a blend of fine coffee sourced from a select group of small producers.


Chiapa - Jade

The mountainous highlands of Chiapas provide an ideal climate in terms of temperature and humidity for arabica cultivation. Coffee from this region is cultivated by smallholders, most are descendants of the indigenous tribes who plant, harvest and prepare the coffee themselves by hand.